Business Telephone Systems:

If your in need of a new phone system, upgrades or repairs, Terran Company is here to help you. While specializing in several systems, we are able to support most installed systems out there. Whether it be an old Lucent Partner system to not so old systems like the NEC DS2000. Unlike other phone system providers, we also have the advanced networking knowledge to tackle the challenges of today's state of the are VoIP phone systems in use today.

Terran Company is authorized on Mitel, Vertical and NEC business phone systems. Of which Nec and Mitel offer systems that are certified by the FCC for residential installations, conforming to the stringent FCC Part B Specification. These systems are usually installed in upscale homes.

We have working relationships with all of the major dial tone providers in the state of oklahoma. This includes AT&T, Nuvox, Logix, and Cox. So no matter your provider, we are accustom to working with them. And if you don't have a provider, we can evaluate your business phone and internet needs and match you up with the provider which best suits your needs.

To many of today's system providers are under contracts to specific dial tone providers. Here at Terran Company, we have purposely avoided these types of "partnerships" as they are rarely, if ever to the customers advantage. Here at Terran Company, we always have your best interests at heart.

So give us a call, the initial consultation is always free, so there is nothing to lose. We also offer our exclusive "One time callback Policy". This guarantees a hassle free consultation for you. We will not hassle you, we will make one follow up call after the initial consultation, after that we will wait to hear from you.


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