Business News:

Terran Company is growing, this is your chance to be a part of something big. Today's economy has opened a unique opportunity to grow a company in exponential form for the next decade. As you know, many businesses are loosing money, if they were not smart enough to put away some cash for a rainy day, they are closing their doors.

Here at Terran Company, we are fortunate enough to have a customer base which is not only surviving the turmoil, but growing. Several of our customers are demanding that we grow with them. So here we are, we are looking for qualified individuals which are capable of confronting the challenges of field engineering.

What are we are not looking.

I do not care what your skill level, if you are one of those that think your poop doesn't stink, that treat users with disrespect, rudeness, prima donna-ness, like your going out of your way to help them... keep walking, this place is not for you. Go find some place else to bully people.

What we are looking for.

We are looking for skilled individuals which enjoy helping people, and their companies succeed. We are a part of our customers companies, they rely on our expertise and skills to make their company more efficient.

Experience with the following technologies are a plus:

Desktop OS's : Network Printing Skills
Microsoft Server 2003-2007 (DNS, DHCP, WINS, AD, GP)
Exchange Server 2000-2007
SQL Server 2000-2007
RDP Server

Symantec Backup Exec
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Other Symantec Technologies

Cisco Pix Firewall installation/configuration
Cisco ISR installation/configuration
Cisco VPN (Point to Point, Point to Multipoint)

Not all of these skills are required, if you are proficient is some, we can teach you the others.

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