About Terranco.com

Terran Company is a technology service and solutions company, we specialize in providing information technology consulting, hardware and software sales, as well as engineering services to the small and medium business which it is not economically viable to maintain full time IT staff.

Our engineers are experts in all levels of technology components, Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, Group Policies, Exchange, SQL, Remote Desktop Server as well as many others. Novell technologies such at Netware versions 3 through 6, NDS management, volume maintenance, GroupWise and Boarder Manager.

Here at Terran, we also are a full service hardware and software provider, authorized to resell all major brands of products like, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec, APC the list goes on and on, but you get the point, we are a full service solution provider.

We haven't forgot connectivity, we are experts in structured cable solutions. Whether it be Cat 5, Cat 6, Fiber Optics, or Audio/Video, we are your your cabling experts. Also, we will be happy to clean up the other peoples mess. (we actually do that allot)

What Does Terran mean?

When I started Terran Company, I had no idea how intriguing the name would be. Almost everyone asks me, "What does that mean?" and "Where did you come up with that?" which I find strange because no one asked me about my other company name "Oklahoma Data".

When I restructured Oklahoma Data, I wanted a name that did not tie me to technology. A name that was more of a generic company name, a name that would let me expand into other businesses with out worrying about it's name. Enter Terran.

By definition, Terran means "Of This Earth". The human race is the Terran race, as martians are to mars and vulcan's to vulcan. This name reflects my interest in science, astronomy as well as science fiction. (I am a bit of a trekie)

And amazingly enough to me terranco.com was available for registration.

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